Big Bay Boom Partnership with Maritime Group Critical Component

For most of the 23 years that the Port of San Diego Big Bay Boom has needed barges and tugs to execute the largest fireworks show on the west coast, Pacific Maritime Group has answered the call. Sandy Purdon, Executive Producer and Founder of the Big Bay Boom, has called on the expertise of Pacific Maritime Group to handle the operations of providing the platform to showcase the most technical fireworks show that started in 2001.

Pacific Maritime Group, also known for doing business as Pacific Tugboat Service, is a Southern California based marine services and equipment company and long-time Tenant of the Port of San Diego. PMG also owns and operates Pacific Dredge & Construction, LLC (PDC). The Company is headquartered in San Diego, ideally located to serve the local maritime community, including U.S. Naval installations, shipyards, and the Port of San Diego. PMG also has a Long Beach, California location, which is a secure private terminal serving the entire south and central coast, including the robust Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Santa Catalina Island and the neighboring communities and islands. From these two locations, the Company has reach from the Arctic to the South Pacific and beyond.

Pacific Maritime Group’s large fleet of vessels and equipment provide Ocean and Harbor Towing, Crew Boat and Landing Craft Service, Floating Crane Service, Deck, Ramp and Tank Barge Service, Berthing Barges, Marine Salvage, Emergency Response, Film Production, Special Publicity Projects, Dredging, Marine Construction, Government Contracting, Military Training Exercises, and General Marine Services, and of course Fireworks Support!

For over twenty years, San Diego’s premier July Fourth fireworks celebration has been the “Big Bay Boom” on San Diego Bay. Through the years, Big Bay Boom has relied on San Diego’s hometown Maritime Services Company, Pacific Maritime Group to make the shows happen. PMG tugboats, barges, cranes and marine experts perform the marine side of the Independence Day fireworks four-barge extravaganza that draws thousands of locals and tourists alike. Big Bay Boom and Pacific Maritime Group have seen the event grow to become one of the of most iconic and viewed July Fourth celebrations in the Country. The maritime logistics, safety and experience PMG brings to the team have been a key component of the growth and success of Big Bay Boom.

Pacific Maritime Group is proud to be a Prime Partner Sponsor of Big Bay Boom, with donations helping to support the Armed Services YMCA. Everyone knows Pacific Maritime Group is a professional organization and part of the community, but they are also friendly! When you come down to the Big Bay, look for the white and red colors of Pacific Maritime Group and wave to their amazing crew members, they like you too!